Soybean Seed Available through NSGA

High Quality Non-GMO Soybean Seed
Download our brochure and technical sheets for our high quality non-GMO soybean seed available.
NSGA currently has seven excellent non-gmo soybean varieties available. These not only have excellent yield but also above average disease packages and most have salt tolerance as well. The attached brochure and technical sheets provide more information but please feel free to contact us at or 479-841-3699 for availability and pricing.
Non-GMO Soybean Varieties from NSGA
NSGA 47C23
Sitzer 49C23
DrewSoy 5.0
Kirksey Food Grade Soybean
NSGA54C20 in Eastern Arkansas. August, 2023
NSGA Sitzer 49C23 in Eastern Arkansas. August, 2023